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Karate is a martial art and a form of self-defense.

Karate teaches students to develop fast, powerful punches and kicks as well as skills in joint manipulation and throwing.


It was first developed centuries ago on the islands of Okinawa, which is now the southernmost part of Japan.


“Karate” means “Empty Hand” in Japanese. “Empty Hand” refers to the ability of karate students to defend themselves without the use of weapons.


Karate can be so devastating that students must always consider ways to avoid conflict in their lives. For the same reason, they must also learn to work together, with respect and courtesy, so that they may practice karate safely and effectively.


Karate means different things to different people. Young people, for example, often take up karate because they want to learn how to defend themselves. Elderly people, however, may only be looking for an interesting and fun way to stay fit. Parents often enroll their children in karate lessons to teach them discipline and to develop their coordination. Karate is also a very good way to learn much about the culture of Japan.

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