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Steve Hartnett, Godan

Steve began training in karate in 1977 in London, England with the Wado- Kai system which was pioneered by Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki. In November of 1982, two years after he arrived in Canada, Hartnett was promoted to 1st degree black belt by Sensei John Montgomery. Hartnett opened Sherwood Karate-Do in 1983 and since then has trained three prominent instructors in 5th degree black belts: Gord Besler (Calgary) and John Watson (Westmout) and 4th degree black belt Kendall Watson (Beaumont). In June 1989, Steve Hartnett, Chief Instructor for Sherwood Park, Beaumont and Ardrossan, officially joined Shihan Demura’s Genbukai organization. Today Hartnett holds a 5th degree black belt ranking in Shito Ryu karate taught by Master Fumio Demura and he was awarded the 2010 Instructor of the Year Award at the 25th Annual Awards Banquet held in Lloydminster. In addition to karate-do Hartnett and other instructors also teach Ryuku Kobudo (weaponry) as learned from Master Demura.

Ed Keubler, Sandan

Ed began training with Steve Hartnett in 1993. Not long after Ed’s karate career began, his twelve year old son, Shay Kuebler and also a then karate student with Steve, left karate to pursue a very successful career as a professional dancer and choreographer. Ed has also competed locally and internationally and helps instruct the summer sessions for Sherwood Karate-Do. Today Kuebler holds a 3rd degree black belt in Shito Ryu karate and he also holds a Nidan (2nd degree in Kobudo (weapons). Kuebler  also runs his own very successful dojo in Tofield, AB.

Jeff Hutton, Yondan

Jeff began training with Steve Hartnett in September of 1983. Hutton has competed internationally and locally and has assisted with instruction over the last several years. Hutton took time off from karate to complete a Masters Degree in Business at the U of A and to have a family. Today Hutton’s daughters Jenna and Alyssa can be seen following in the footsteps of their black belt Dad, winning gold medals at local tournaments and pursuing the karate way of life at the  Sherwood Park dojo.  Jeff  is a true leader in our dojo and also holds a Nidan in Kobudo.

Chris Stockdale, Sandan

I remember a shy Chris Stockdale at his first class when he was just 14. Today, Chris has achieved the level of Sandan. Along with his many kumite tournament achievements, Chris has always been one of our kata specialists leading the way in achieving crisp, clean, gi cracking techniques at every karate class. Chris, who is also a twin, has been joined in karate training by his very enthusiastic twin children Abby and Evan and just recently Ryan has also joined.


Lyndon Friesen, Nidan

Lyndon is extremely dedicated to the art of karate.  When a tournament or seminar event in Canada or the US is scheduled, Lyndon is always the first to commit.  Karate first and then everything else follows.  Along with his impeccable attendance, he has accumulated a long list of tournament wins in kata, kumite and kobudo.  If Lyndon is not present in class, we all worry about  his whereabouts.

Greg Irving, Nidan

Greg came into our karate club with a brown belt from the JKA Shotokan system of karate. Irving leads the club in kata gold medals won and has a knack for picking up intricate technical details. Irving is our newest black belt and lives his art daily. Irving often takes the lead instructing kata classes.


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